Elangeni Holiday Resort

Header Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Chalet Rates:

  • All rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Rates are per unit (Chalet) or per person for groups.
  • All rates are quoted in South African Rands.

Booking Procedures & Terms of Conditions:

  • Reservations are gladly accepted via telephone, WhatsApp, email or fax but we prefer the email option to provide proof of the booking.
  • All bookings require 30% of the total stay to be paid to secure the booking.
  • All bookings are subjected to availability.
  • Final confirmation of booking is only made on receipt of the above mentioned deposit.
  • Should a deposit not be received as requested, Elangeni Holiday Resort reserves the right to automatically cancel the booking without any verbal or written notice.
  • Guests making such deposits must make sure they have the correct banking details before they make any deposit into any account. (even if you have made use of our Resort in the past)
  • Elangeni Holiday Resort reserve the right to change the type of room booked if so required. In such instances room rates charged will be adjusted to the applicable rate at time of occupation.

Cancellations & Refunds

Should you for any reason wish to cancel your booking you must advise us in writing of your cancellation in order to be eligible for a possible refund of the deposit made.

Please note - NO verbal cancellations will be accepted. All cancellations are to be faxed/ emailed directly to the Resort.

Cancellation Policy:

  • 2 months before date of arrival - 50% of deposit refundable
  • 3 weeks before date of arrival - 20% of deposit refundable
  • less than 2 weeks before stay date - 0% of deposit refundable

The full extent of the stay will be charged for in the event of a premature departure. This is not dependent on the Resort's occupancy level. In case of a no-show the guest will also not be refunded.

Processed Cancellations:

  • Please note that cancellations fees are calculated based on the date we receive your signed cancellation request form.
  • All Cancellations must be made through Elangeni Holiday Resort, and then can be made through the relevant Booking agents.
  • We must be informed at all times, even if the booking was made through a travel agency (Trip Advisor, Nightsbridge etc.)
  • Transfer/ transaction fees will be deducted from the overall refund amount for refunds processed by wire transfer or EFT.

Cancellations must be made by filling out and signing the Elangeni Holiday Resort Cancellation Request Form. Please explain why you are requesting a cancellation. Please email or fax the request form to Elangeni Holiday Resort:
Email: elangresort@mweb.co.za
Fax: 013 257 7071

Please note:

Amending a booking is not the same as cancelling a booking and in such a case, special attention will be taken.

Indemnity & Disclaimer for Elangeni Holiday Resort:

Whilst every care has been taken by Elangeni Holiday Resort to ensure the safety of guests and their possessions whilst enjoying our accommodation, Elangeni Holiday Resort and the owners or any of his employees and / or any other party appointed or contracted by the owner of the Resort in connection with the activities and / or maintenance and / or business of the Resort does not accept any liability in the event that any loss or damage to persons or property is experienced by a guest and their visitors. Fire extinguishers and first aid is available at the office


Elangeni Holiday Resort or the owners does not except any liability for loss or damage to any valuables or property Belonging to guests or their visitors. It is therefore the sole responsibility of all guests to make arrangements for adequate insurance coverage on all valuable items prior to arriving at Elangeni Holiday Resort. This includes but is not limited to, equipment, Laptops or other electronic devices, jewellery, cash and vehicles.

Swimming Pool, Animals. Play park and Activities:

Any guests or their visitors using the swimming pool and surrounding area are utilizing such facilities entirely at their own Risk and that they are fully aware that there are no life saving facility of any nature provided and therefore indemnity Elangeni Holiday Resort and the owners of this facility in full and shall have no claim of whatsoever nature against the Resort and the owners including any claim from any injury/ bodily harm/ death and / or loss of property which could arise from the use of this facility.

Elangeni Holiday Resort will not be responsible for any injuries or damages incurred while on the premises or playing on the trampolines, Playground or any other items in the play park. The use of the premises and viewing / touching of animals is at your own risk. Each child must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Elangeni Holiday Resort is a pet friendly Resort. Any pet (dog, cat, birds) is the sole responsibility of their owners. Elangeni Holiday Resort will not be held responsible for any damages, loss or death. The owner will not held responsible for any damages made by his/her pet to the facility or other guests property or pet.

Activities, Hiking Trail and Tractor Rides:

All activities are taken at own risk. Supervision of children is the sole responsibility of their caregivers. Elangeni Holiday Resort will not be held responsible for any injuries, loss, damages or death.

Loss or Damages to Elangeni Holiday Resort:

Should Elangeni Holiday Resort suffer any loss or damage as a result of an act or omission by a guest or visitor of a guest, The guest will remain liable for full reimbursement of such loss or damage incurred and will be billed accordingly.

Right of Admission Reserved:

Elangeni Holiday Resort reserves the full right of admission at all times and accepts no liability for any loss or damage that may result from the legal exercising of such rights.


For the comfort of our guests, no smoking is allowed in the chalets or in the function hall.


For the safety of all concerned, firearms are not permitted on the premises.


Rules of the Elangeni Holiday Resort:

All permanent and non-permanent residents, campers, day visitors including people visiting management please note:

  • Day visitors to vacate the resort by 17:00
  • All day visitors need to check availability and book in advance.
  • Right of admission is reserved.
  • No day visitors are allowed in peak seasons and school holidays.
  • No driving on the campsites or speeding (driving at more than 20km/h) is allowed inside the resort.
  • The playing of music from vehicle sound systems is strictly forbidden within the resort.
  • No fires to be lit on the grass.
  • Fireworks are strictly prohibited.
  • Pets are allowed on condition that prior arrangements are made with the reception office.
  • No form of noise and bad behaviour will be tolerated what so ever within the Resort.

Those failing to comply with the above rules will be evicted or instructed to leave the Resort and possibly banned from future use of the Resort.

While every effort is made to ensure that the information and photos contained herein are accurate and up to date, Elangeni Holiday Resort makes no warranty, representation or undertaking whether expressed or implied, nor do we assume any legal liability whether direct or indirect or responsibility for the accuracy completeness or usefulness of any information/ photos/ appliances contained herein.